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Asian and Oceanic Society for Paediatric Radiology (AOSPR) was formed in the city of Tokyo, in 2000, is an international scientific and non-profit association. AOSPR is a society of Paediatric Radiologists in the Asian and Oceanic region stretching from Turkey and Jordan in the West to Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines in the East and covering all points in between. The AOSPR is dedicated to the promotion of Paediatric Radiology in the Asia-Oceanic region through cooperative research, teaching and education.

The aims and objectives of the AOSPR are:
a) To promote the appropriate use and advancement of diagnostic imaging and image guided therapy in children known as practice of paediatric radiology
b) To coordinate scientific work and research in paediatric radiology throughout the countries and regions of Asia, Oceania and the Middle East
c) To coordinate the relationship between radiology and the clinical paediatric specialties
d) To contribute to the scientific development of teaching of paediatric radiology, training in paediatric radiology and standards for practice and certification in paediatric radiology
e) To promote and coordinate relationships among the existing Asian & Oceanic paediatric radiology societies and to promote the formation of paediatric radiology societies in countries where there is no existing society.
f) To promote a close affiliation with the Society for Paediatric Radiology (SPR), the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR) and the Sociedad Latino Americana de Radiologia Pediatrica
g) To be a founder member of the World Federation of Paediatric Imaging (WFPI)

Methods of achieving the aims and objectives:
a) arrange scientific meetings at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors to promote the objectives,
b) organize courses for training and development of paediatric radiology,
c) institute prizes, grants and scientific awards for work intended to achieve these aims,
d) participate in International Society for Paediatric Radiology (IPR) meetings
e) participate in meetings and other activities of the World Federation of Paediatric Imaging (WFPI).


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