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In 1988, the Italian Group of Neuroimmunology (Associazione Italiana di Neuroimmunologia) was born, which became a multidisciplinary study group, capable of promoting discussion and collaboration among the already numerous researchers who were interested in that emerging discipline. The founders of the GNI were a large group of neurologists and immunologists coordinated by Giuseppe Tridente, including Bruno Tavolato, Paolo Livrea, Nicolò Rizzuto, Marisa Marrosu and many others. In 1989, Paolo Panerai organized the first scientific conference of the GNI in Milan.

The Italian Association of Neurommmunology (AINI) was established several years later, in 1998, and Lina Matera assumed the presidency. The main objective was to create a structure that simultaneously promotes research activities and educational initiatives in the field of neuroimmunology through the engagement of researchers with interests in different areas such as neurology, immunology, biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, and clinical pathology.

AINI has maintained close relationships with similar Italian and foreign associations or scientific societies, promoting scientific collaboration and cultural exchanges.


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