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The Bulgarian Pediatric Association or Association Bulgare de Pédiatrie (BPA) was founded in 1961, with a mission “Every child has the right to the highest quality health care possible”. The association unites pediatricians, general practitioners with pediatric practice, specialists working in the field of children's health, like-minded people.

Since its inception, BPA has held 13 national congresses with international participation, as well as many national and regional conferences. The association is a regular member of the European Pediatric Association (EPA / UNEPSA), the European Academy of Pediatrics (EAP / UEMS), the World Pediatric Association (IPA) and actively participates in their activities and events.

Goals of BPA:
• Improving children's health care. Maintaining and updating the qualification of pediatricians and all specialists related to children's health
• Preservation of the good practices in the Bulgarian pediatrics and their development through dissemination, implementation and assimilation of the modern world scientific achievements
• Creating an active pediatric community to define and solve practical, scientific and educational problems related to pediatrics
• Carrying out health reform that will lead to the improvement of children's health care


Prof. Ivan Litvinenko

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