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Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) works with a vision for the improved wellbeing of children and adults with diseases, disorders and injuries of the nervous system and the prevention of these conditions.

CNSF supports the neuroscience professions in Canada, and particularly those members of the CNSF’s Societies, through education, advocacy, membership services and research promotion.

The CNSF is a federation of Societies representing diverse and collegial medical professionals with a common focus on diseases, disorders and injuries of the nervous system. Accordingly, the CNSF must reflect and engage these Societies and their members in how it works and what it does.

The wellbeing of individuals with diseases, disorders and injuries of the nervous system and, where possible, the prevention of these conditions, comprise an important vision. The CNSF must advocate with a strong and effective voice knowing that its mission and vision have unique and important value to society.


Michael Hill

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