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The Colombian Neurology Association (ACN) is a private, scientific, autonomous, apolitical, non-profit organization that brings together specialists in Clinical Neurology and Pediatric Neurology, non-neurologists and other professionals interested in the study, prevention and the treatment of diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System, as well as in the improvement of teaching and research in Neurosciences.

ACN's objectives are:
a) The primary objective of ACN is the well-being of the patient
b) Promote the highest level of quality & ethics for the care of neurological patients in our country and the research in Clinical Neurology and Neuropediatrics
c) Collaborate with the public and private sectors and with the community in general, in everything that leads to the prevention of neurological diseases
d) To become a Consultant Body of the National Government and of any private entity for the formulation of guidelines in the care of patients with diseases of the Nervous System, a body open to educational and assistance institutions at both public and private levels
e) Propose before the competent authorities the initiatives aimed at establishing a regulation of the practice of the specialty, minimum programs in Pre and Postgraduate Teaching, and validation of Degrees awarded abroad, in Neurology and Neuropediatrics


Dr Claudia Lucia Moreno Lopez

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Acta Neurológica Colombiana



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Asociación Colombiana de Neurología Carrera 11B, No. 99-54 Oficina 401 Bogota
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