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European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) founded in 1969 to promote and defend diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology, to demonstrate its value in healthcare and to society, and to promote and enhance education, training and research of this radiological subspecialty for the ultimate benefit of the patients.

ESNR works with neuroradiologists from different European and non-European countries, and with other organizations that share similar missions and objectives on a worldwide scale, with the ultimate goal of providing and leading education, training and research in Neuroradiology.

Goals of ESNR:
• To promote and defend Neuroradiology as a radiological subspecialty
• To demonstrate the value of Neuroradiology in healthcare and to society
• To promote and enhance research in Neuroradiology
• To support education and teaching opportunities
• To be actively involved in coordinating initiatives in education, research, training and practice
• To organize an Annual Congress
• To organize courses, workshops and other teaching activities
• To encourage young researchers by promoting learning, training and exchange programs
• To promote liaise with other related organizations on a worldwide scale


Prof. Pia Maly Sundgren

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