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French Society of Neuroradiology (or) Société Française de Neuroradiologie (SFNR) is an association representing the activity of neuroradiology in France. It is made up of over 370 professional members at the national level.

The SFNR objectives are to:
• represent the specialty and unite practitioners
• organize teaching and communication
• imagine the future while going beyond the boundaries of activity.

The missions of the SFNR are to:
• Represent practitioners and promote the specialty: The SFNR represents its members and neuroradiologists at the French and international level It works to publicize the specialty and its good practices. This mission is carried out in particular through research projects in interventional neuroradiology, diagnostics and neuroscience
• Unite practitioners and promote exchanges: It is through its website and the setting up of events such as:
- its annual congress,
- its diagnostic and interventional workshops and,
- its advanced techniques workshops (CLUTAV),
that the SFNR promote exchanges between specialists. Sharing, reflections and debates are at the heart of the recognition of the discipline. In addition, the SFNR is developing links with other French and international learned societies.


Prof. Hubert Desal

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