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Hellenic Pediatric Allergy Society objectives are:
• The promotion and advancement of knowledge on issues related to allergic diseases in children
• Informing doctors in the latest views on the above diseases
• The inseparable relationship, the cooperation and the scientific partnership with the HELLENIC PEDIATRIC SOCIETY, which he considers as a parent company. For this reason, key decisions and central plans will be taken into account in pursuit of consent
• The scientific cooperation with the HELLENIC CHILDREN'S PNEUMONOLOGICAL SOCIETY, the other PEDIATRIC SOCIETIES that are legally represented in Greece in various cities, university institutions, and international, public and private entities with its public relations. The collection, monitoring, evaluation and information on problems of Pediatric Allergy on the one hand and planning of studies, suggestions, and opinions in order to more effectively cover the issues of Pediatric Allergy on the other hand
• The continuous information through the Company of the competent bodies (doctors, the state, etc.) for the implementation of the appropriate and necessary measures from a medical point of view, for the prevention or treatment of allergic diseases in children
• The development and promotion of solidarity and professional cooperation between the members of the Company and those who practice Pediatric Allergy in Greece and abroad through mutual information and cooperation
• Undertaking the necessary actions for the recognition of the specialization of Pediatric Allergology in Greece in accordance with the countries of the European Union.


Dr. Sofia Tsampouri

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