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Hungarian Pediatric Gastroenterology Society carries out public benefit activities according to the following objectives:

The aim of the Association is to improve and organize the research, treatment and education activities of Hungarian pediatric gastroenterology and to represent the interests of pediatric gastroenterology in the appropriate forums.

The purpose of the Association is to represent Hungarian pediatric gastroenterology, to develop a unified approach, to expand the members' scientific knowledge, and to develop their scientific and professional qualifications.

The task of the Association is to present the domestic and foreign results of pediatric gastroenterology, to help the practical use of the results, and to present Hungarian research results as widely as possible at home and abroad.

The Association's activities include the shaping of domestic public opinion in a professionally appropriate direction, health education and the dissemination of health knowledge, and quick and professional information with the help of mass communication tools.

In order to carry out its goals and tasks, the Association may organize lectures, speakers, symposia, discussion sessions, traveling meetings, professional presentations, international conferences and other professional events for its members and guests, and may issue tenders and establish awards to the extent possible.

The Association develops professional guidelines, writes methodological letters and recommendations.


Dr. Antal Dezsőfi-Gottl

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