Ibero-Latin American Society of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology

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Ibero-Latin American Society of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (or) Sociedad Ibero Latino Americana De Neurorradiología Diagnóstica y Terapéutica encourages the growth of Ibero-Latin American Neuroradiology through continuing medical education, annual conferences, and the fostering of interpersonal relationships between partners from all participating nations.

SILAN's values are its Partners, who generously share their initiative, commitment, talent and scientific knowledge with all their colleagues.

General objectives of SILAN are:
• Train health professionals in neuroradiology
• Promote the growth of neuroradiology through training opportunities in international centers of excellence
Specific objectives: • Support the training of future neuroradiologists in diagnosis and therapy, with new training centers
• Be recognized as the source of excellence in Ibero-Latin American neuroradiological education, establishing academic standards and medical accreditation scores
• Hold an annual scientific event in Latin America
• Maintain a progressive multiannual training process through the Annual Categorical Course in Neuroradiology
• Increase the number of partners
• Promote the creation and maintenance of national neuroradiology societies in partner countries
• Contribute with advice for the regulation of the professional practice of neuroradiology in partner countries.


José Manuel Pumar

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