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The Neurosurgical service in Indonesia was started in 1948 by the initiative of Prof.Dr. C.H. Lenshoek.

Vision: To be able to be guardian of the scientific aspects of, and to control the service deliverances of neurosurgical needs of Indonesian communities and its regional areas.

Mission of INS:
1. To train Neurosurgical Specialists who have integrities and comply with the Pancasila (Five Principles) and applicable professional and scientific ethics
2. To train creative and innovative neurosurgical specialists who have abilities in developing neurosurgical science
3. To train Neurosurgical Specialists who have abilities to deliver health services in Indonesian neurosurgical fields
4. To administer fundamental and comprehensive Neurosurgical education that will support continuing educations
5. To exercise objective weights in administering continuing educations


Dr. Dodik Tugasworo Pramurkarso

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Indonesian Journal of Neurosurgery (Ina-JNS)



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