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Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) was formed in 1954. It is the only professional organization for Indonesian Pediatricians under the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI). In English, IDAI is called the Indonesian Pediatrics Society. IDAI is based on Pancasila, which aims to participate in improving the health and welfare of children, developing children's health knowledge, and improving the welfare of members.

To achieve its goals, IDAI assists the government in developing and improving the quality of child health services, actively participating in research on child health and child welfare, providing guidance, coaching, and implementing child health education, increasing the professional ability of pediatricians, collaborating with specialist doctors regional and international children, other child health and welfare organizations, in addition to uniting, fighting for and maintaining the interests / position of Indonesian pediatricians.


Dr. Aman Bhakti Pulungan

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Gedung IDAI, Jl. Salemba I no. 5 Jakarta Pusat, 10430
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