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The International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) was founded in 1973, at the 10th Congress of the World Federation of Neurology in Barcelona (Spain), by a small group of child neurologists who shared the need to establish a worldwide forum for physicians interested in the care of children with neuro-logical conditions. There are only a few national and regional societies, which are older than ICNA. Among them are the Japanese Society of Child Neurology, which was set up in 1961, the Federation of European Child Neurology Societies, founded in 1970, and the Child Neurology Society of the USA, established in 1972.

ICNA arose from a common aspiration to accomplish a great mission: to develop dramatically the quality of care for children suffering neurological diseases, to encourage high training qualifications for an increasing base of child neurologists, and to promote research and international cooperation worldwide. The goals of our organization have been pursued thanks to the remarkable efforts and generous contribution of the many people who, throughout the years, have dedicated their time, energy and passion to voluntarily serve the best interest of our association. Since its foundation, the organization has developed and expanded year on year growing into the dynamic and exciting association it is today.


Jo M. Wilmshurst

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