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The International Committee of Neuropathology (ISN), founded in 1950, was re-formed in Copenhagen in 1967 as the International Society of Neuropathology, a non-profit making scientific organisation.

The aims of the Society are to further the science of neuropathology by:
1. Initiating and maintaining permanent co-operation between national and regional societies of neuropathology. Fostering the formation of national and regional societies of neuropathology
2. Fostering and maintaining links with other international organisations in the field of neurological sciences and in the various appropriate branches of neuropathology. Initiation of international congresses, meetings, colloquia, symposia and research projects in the field of neuropathology
3. Encouraging the exchange of information and the publication of matters relevant to the science of neuropathology in its official journal and other publications
4. Encouraging the exchange of persons engaged in neuropathology as between one country and another with special reference to those undergoing training.


Dr. Seth Love

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