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The Italian Society for the Study of Headaches or Società Italiana per lo Studio delle Cefalee (SISC) is a scientific society, and over its forty-year history, has expressed cultural views and played a pivotal role in research and education of recognized high scientific level. The health care network supported by SISC widely covers the entire country. It has been and is the incubator for the growth of scientists, accredited and internationally acclaimed, also within the various international scientific societies of the headache field.

The different realities that coexist in the multi-faceted management of headache disorders, are considered a resource and are of equal importance. SISC’s members, over 600, come from the most diverse medical fields, neurology, internal medicine, emergency medicine and emergency, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, neuropsychiatry, and gynecology. This apparent cultural difference guarantees all the necessary actors for an optimal management of a multidisciplinary disease like headache.


Dr. Paolo Calabresi

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