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Italian Society of Pediatrics (or) Società Italiana di Pediatria is founded in 1898 proposing an innovation that would mark a great change in the following decades: to separate the care and assistance of the sick child from the general adult. With its approximately 11 thousand members, the SIP represents the common home of all Italian pediatricians because university, hospital, family and community pediatricians participate. The mission of the SIP is: "to promote and protect the physical and mental health of the newborn, child and adolescent, of all cultures and ethnic groups, defending their rights in society from conception".

The main activities are:
• promote research, training and scientific information in the pediatric field
• maintain the integrity of Pediatrics as a teaching discipline and of the pediatric area as a care methodology
• promote information on issues relating to the right to health in the pediatric sector
• provide continuing education activities in health, also in the capacity of CME provider

SIP collaborates with institutions, professions, associations, NGOs, foundations and other bodies involved in the care, prevention and protection of the child and his family. It promotes initiatives aimed at strengthening the role of the pediatrician in society in defense and protection of the child and his family, also through suitable and integrated communication paths and tools. The SIP interacts and collaborates with similar scientific societies and national, European and extra-European institutions for the pursuit of corporate objectives and purposes, including the promotion of activities aimed at the realization of scientific and / or organizational programs, of studies clinical, scientific research for the development and validation of guidelines in collaboration with national institutions.

The SIP is headed by 19 Regional Sections, 17 Affiliated Scientific Societies with specific skills, 11 Study Groups with different interests and skills.


Dr. Annamaria Staiano

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