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The Latvian Pediatric Association (LPA) currently unites around 800 pediatricians and an even larger number of child health care personnel throughout Latvia!

LPA supports the activities of paediatricians - both by organizing educational seminars and conferences, and by cooperating with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Latvia and around the world. The LPA maintains and monitors the qualification level of paediatricians through a certification and recertification procedure.

Objectives of the Association:
• To promote the development of pediatrics in Latvia, thus ensuring the quality of medical care provided to children. Participate in the promotion of public health and the improvement of the functioning of the social care system. To support the protection of the legal, professional and economic interests of pediatricians. In order to implement this goal, the Association submits proposals and suggestions to the Saeima, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Health Service and other state, local government and non-governmental organizations;
• To take care of the professional training of the members of the Association, to organize and implement the improvement of professional knowledge;
• Develop standard requirements in their specialty, perform medical attestation and certification;
• At the request of a court or law enforcement authorities, to assess the professional activities of paediatricians (pediatricians) or to appoint a commission competent to perform such assessment;
• Collaborate with the Association of Young Colleagues and other organizations; with supporters and movements, mass media, natural and legal persons who promote the implementation of the goals and tasks of the Association;
• In order to achieve the intended goals, the Association has the right to perform public activities that do not contradict the applicable legislation;
• To maintain contacts with public organizations of other countries, their associations and structural units;
• Participate in the activities of international professional associations and mutual contacts with colleagues abroad;
• Organize meetings, conferences, symposiums and congresses, participate in their activities;
• To establish the thematic commissions, [working groups] and sections of the Association;
• To take an active part in the events organized by the Latvian Medical Association, and to act within them to represent and defend the rights, goals and tasks of pediatricians;
• To organize periodical publication of professional publications.


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