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The Mexican Academy of Neurology (or) Academia Mexicana de Neurología, A.C. is a collegiate body that brings together more than 1000 national and foreign neurologists who have studied in Mexico and represents the most important neurological group in this country. Due to its history, size, significance, and capacity for convening and inclusion, the AMN is of fundamental importance in the planning, organization, performance, and directive tasks of almost all activities related to Neurology in Mexico. In the framework of the globalization of almost all academic activities in the world, our Academy is not far behind, and as the governing body of Mexican Neurology it also has a leading role on the international scene.

Mission of AMN:
1. Provide our Academics with the necessary avant-garde scientific knowledge that meets their expectations for updating, offering high-quality scientific congresses, with personalized, close, timely and warm attention
2. Satisfy as an Academy the educational, research, cutting-edge technological, labor, social, financial and health needs of our associates

Vision of AMN:
1. To be recognized as a strong, inclusive, honest, fair, cutting-edge Academy
2. To be a National leader as an Academy in events and in the development of quality scientific programs
3. Establish the Mexican Academy of Neurology as a profitable and efficient institution both financially and scientifically


Luis Dávila Maldonado MD

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Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia



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Academia Mexicana de Neurologia, A.C. San Francisco No. 1384, Torre B, 7° piso Del Valle Benito Juárez Ciudad de México, C.P. 03100
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