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Neuroradiological Society of Taiwan is considered to be one of the youngest subspecialty medical associations in the Taiwan Neuromedicine Association. NRST originated from the Neuroradiology Group of the Taiwan Neurological Association. In the same year, members of the group selected representatives or were elected as directors and supervisors to attend relevant meetings of the Neuromedicine Society.

The objectives of the society are as follows:
1. The society is responsible for carrying forward the specialized knowledge related to diagnosis and treatment of neuroimaging medicine and holding regular seminars to promote the progress of neuroimaging medicine
2. Provide academic opinions on neuroimaging medicine for reference by health administration and medical education authorities
3. Promote friendship between members and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests
4. Enhancing contacts with international neuroimaging medical groups
5. Handle related affairs such as the examination and examination of neuroradiologists.


Luo Zhaobao

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