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The Norwegian Neuroscience Society (NNS) is an association of neuroscientists in Norway and member of the Federation of the European Neuroscience Societies (FENS).

The aim of the Norwegian Neuroscience Society is to stimulate progress in neuroscience through representation of all related disciplines and practices in Norway, facilitate neuroscience research and education, and make information about neuroscience research and applications available to the general population.

Main goals of NNS are:
• Promoting the study and understanding of the development, structure, and function of the nervous system in health and disease
• Encouraging and facilitating multidisciplinary communication and collaboration in basic, applied, and translational neuroscience
• Formally representing the neurosciences in Norway at the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and other relevant regional and international fora, including a Nordic neuroscience meeting to be organized every odd year
• Promoting the dissemination of knowledge to those interested in neuroscience and related disciplines as well as to the general public through appropriate channels
• Assisting in the training of neuroscientists and other professionals engaged in neuroscience teaching and research
• Representing the interests of neuroscientists in Norway vis-à-vis appropriate Norwegian institutions, including legislators, policymakers, the press, and funding agencies engaged in supporting and promoting neuroscience research and education.


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