Polish Society of Pediatric Surgeons

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Polish Society of Pediatric Surgeons or Polskie Towarzystwo Chirurgów Dziecięcych (PTCHD) is an scientific association founded in 1965. It brings together pediatric surgeons and doctors of other specialties interested in the issues of pediatric surgery.

The aim of the Society is:
1. Work on the proper development of pediatric surgery, consequently improving medical care for a surgically ill child
2. Spreading the achievements of science among pediatric surgeons, doctors of other medical specialties cooperating with pediatric surgery and pediatric surgery nurses
3. Introducing pediatric surgeons to scientific and social work and their training
4. Training nurses in pediatric surgery
5. Representing the interests of members and their professional environment before local government and state bodies in cases justified by law.


Dr. Przemysław Mańkowski

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Polish Society of Pediatric Surgeons, c/o Department of Pediatric Surgery and Urology, ul. Borowska 213, 50-556 Wrocław
UK & Europe
+48 61 8491 578
Pediatrics and Neonatology, Surgery