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The Society of Neurologist of Bangladesh (SNB) is a platform for all the Neurologist of Bangladesh and is an ever expanding and evolving one, pursuing the highest level of Neurologist care.

Society of Neurologists of Bangladesh Aims and Objectives:
5.1 To establish and form a non-profiting and non-political forum of neurologists who will be dealing with neurological disorders
5.2 To create and maintain spirit and unity, cooperation, solidarity and fellow feeling among the Neurologists of Bangladesh
5.3 To protect and advance the interest, rights and privileges of the Neurologists of Bangladesh and to uphold the dignity, honour and prestige of them
5.4 To organize, promote, enhance and disseminate knowledge of neurological diseases through research, seminars, clinical meetings and public lectures
5.5 To promote awareness among the public about the preventive and curative aspects of neurological disorders
5.6 To publish a periodic JOURNAL
5.7 to assist, cooperate, affiliate and join with other national and international organisations holding similar aims and objectives
5.8 To print, publish and circulate any paper, periodicals, books or pamphlets that the society may think helpful for the promotion of its objectives
5.9 To work with the ultimate aim of establishing a NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES in the country.


Prof. Firoz Ahmed Quraishi

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Bangladesh Journal of Neurosciences



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Room No- 21, Department of Neurology Dhaka Medical College and Hospital Dhaka 1000
+880 2 9671032, 8618