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Spanish Society of Neuroradiology (or) Sociedad Española de Neurorradiologia (SENR) was founded in 1972 as a non-profit medical scientific association to promote the development of neuroradiology in our country.

The current Board, made up of a group of neuroradiologists committed to the specialty and some of them also experienced in the functioning of our society, intends to renew and at the same time maintain the scientific and educational momentum that has characterized it in recent years and consolidate our essential interlocutor role with other scientific societies, with health administrations and with the rest of social agents.

The main objectives are:
1. to improve neuroradiology in Spain,
2. actively participate in the training of new neuroradiologists,
3. support practicing neuroradiologists,
4. participate with SERAM, defend the aspects of neuroradiology and of course,
5. favor relations with other national and international Scientific Societies.

A key objective is the empowerment and expansion of our specialty with new technological developments, uniting the contributions of the most experienced with the innovative concerns of the youngest.


Dr. Nuria Bargalló Alabart

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