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"Joseon Pediatric Society was established in 1945. Seon-geun Lee was elected as the first president and Yeong-sook Goo as the vice president. In 1956, the organization’s name was changed to Korean Pediatric Society in 1955 The organization’s English name was changed to “the Korean Pediatric Association” in 1966, and then back to “the Korean Pediatric Society” in 1992.

The Korean Pediatric Society (KPS) expanded nationwide, having 12 branches by 1955, and joined the Asian Society for Pediatric Research (ASPR) in 1958 and the International Pediatric Association in 1965. In the following year, with the commencement of exchange and cooperation between the Korean and Japanese pediatric societies, the KPS started to expand internationally. Since then, it has been actively engaged in international exchange and cooperation: e.g., in 1982, for the first time in South Korea, the KPS hosted the 4th Congress of the ASPR in Seoul; in 2011.


Dr. Ki-Soo Pai

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