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Being a physician, nurse or other health care professional requires many years of non-stop education, which doesn’t end there. As the medical and healthcare fields are constantly evolving and updating with new technologies, innovations and discoveries, a physician or nurse or healthcare specialist needs to focus on good professional training and stay up to date throughout their career by way of continuing medical education (CME) and/or continuing professional development (CPD).

Physicians need to earn a specific amount of CME/CPD/CE credits every year depending on the medical body that they are licensed in. These are included as one mechanism to demonstrate that doctors continue to meet key standards in order to provide better patient care and positive outcome, access to professional organizations, advancing one’s career and more.

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A new mechanism in human and canine melanoma points to potential treatments

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A study led by VA Puget Sound Health Care System researchers has shown that prazosin, a drug used to treat high blood pressure, can prevent posttraumatic headaches.