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Spanish Society for Inborn Errors of Metabolism or Asociación Española para el Estudio de los Errores Congénitos del Metabolismo (AECOM) founded in 1999, aims to enable interaction between the different professionals involved in the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and research in IEM. It includes paediatricians, neuropaediatricians, gastroenterologists, biochemists, dieticians and other scientists with a common interest in improving knowledge in IEM. We organize our national meeting every two years.

AECOM houses both Clinical professionals (for children and adults), as Biochemists and Geneticists, specialists in Dietetics and Nutrition, and scientists and researchers from different biomedical disciplines who share the same interest in progress in the knowledge of Inborn Errors of Metabolism.

AECOM promotes and supports the research, the scientific cooperation, and the education and training in the diagnosis and care in the fields of Inborn Metabolic Diseases and Newborn Screening.

The Society pursues these aims through all its activities, including Scientific Meetings and Workshops, Working Groups, Guidelines and Protocols, and several training activities every year.


Dr. Domingo González-Lamuño

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